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Michelle is a passionate Christ follower, emerging author, women's advocate and fierce defender of her faith.

After overcoming adoption, domestic abuse and single motherhood, Michelle now leads a life of total freedom.

Her past experiences were the building blocks to the peace and happiness she now enjoys. 


Even as a child, Michelle was strong willed. Early in life, from fighting bullies to challenging authority, she knew

she was chosen to do something

great in the world.


Faith is the cornerstone of Michelle's life. Her grip and grasp of faith literally saved her life. She wants every women to experience the power of grace

and forgiveness.


Michelle is second to the oldest of seven siblings. She shares a strong bond with

her younger brother and five sisters,

many of whom also share

her painful experiences.



Michelle is the founder and Managing Director of Better Woman, an organization that focuses on the health and well being of women around the country. She resides in Pensacola, Florida with her husband, Norman Smith and their three sons.

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